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The booster cable & battery cable are produced according to U.S.A SAE Standard, German DIN Standard, Japanese JAIS Standard and IEC relative cable standard. The copper wire be used the 1# electrolysis super material (copper content:100%). High-quality rubber, soft PVC & PVC with resistance to hold-40ºC,resistance to heat 105ºC,resistance to fuels and resistance to oil to be used for jacket, wear resisting, soft and anti-corruption . It is used for connection of the 12V and 24V car battery. It can be used as an "emergency cable" in the case of battery dis-order. It is a handy practical and safe tool to go with your car.

Auto wiring harness, with many years professional experience of manufacturering. OEM are welcome. Many experienced and professional R&D staff.

Auto wiring harness 、power statin、inverter、battery and Cable, clamp, inner-packing and outer packing(Such as the material of cable, color, clamp style, surface of the clamp: copperized, zinc-coated nickel-plated or plastic coated, printing style for inner packing etc.)all can be made and developed according to the sample from customer.

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