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  • 50AMP battery test ideal for cars, vans, RVs and farm vehicles
  • Test condition of 6V/12V lead acid batteries
  • Compact and portable:
    • Ideal for garage and fleet users
    • Light weight steel structure with integrated
  • handle and clamp holders
  • Testing can be done with engine running on most vehicles
  • Heavy duty insulated clamps
  • Easy and safe to use without sparking



  • Test 6 or 12V batterys, hardtop batteies, discharged batteries and maintenance free batteries, also built-in starter test
  • Easy to use:
    • Completely portable, outside power not re
    • Complete tests done in 30 seconds
  • Accurate and dependable:
    • Shock resistant movement accurate to 2%
    • Heavy-duty, color-coded, copper-plated
    • Heavy-duty, ventilated, baked-enamel steel

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